Developed in the 1980s, facial reflexology addresses all aspects of the individual – emotional, physical and mental. And the stimulation of the points and zones on the face trigger the release of endorphins, which promotes a calm and optimistic frame of mind. Traditionally people always associate reflexology with the feet as it is based on the principle that reflex points on the soles, tops and sides of the feet correspond to specific organs and systems in the body. Facial reflexology works on the same principle with the reflexes found on the face and the head.

During a Facial Reflexology session, reflex zones, and certain neurological points are gently stimulated by hand, using only the finger-tips. This gentle stimulation sends impulses through the central nervous system and the meridians to the physical body and the major organs.

In addition, Facial Reflexology also stimulates blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, and balances the hormones release of endorphins – a chemical which promotes a calm and optimistic state of mind and which is instrumental in the treatment of conditions of the nervous system, such as anxiety and depression.

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